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About the job

Field based medical advisor of medical innovation and transformation team serves as the field-based scientific professional to maximize the value of Pfizer products to patients and health care decision makers through medical innovative activities and health value communications in regional level. Implement innovative disease management or education model / outcomes research / quality improvement programs in the regional level to demonstrate clinical and economic value of Pfizer’s in-line medicines; conduct medical communication to deliver scientific and health economic data to key health care decision makers, upon request to customers in various healthcare segments, with a predominant population-based payer and hospital formulary decision makers etc.; in order to enlarge the market access opportunity for Pfizer products.

  • Implement medical programs and activities in fields
  • Provide central medical team and brand teams with customer and clinical insights to assist in informing Pfizer strategies on critical health issues and facilitate the development of customer-focused tools and medical communications to support patient access to quality medicines.
  • Conduct regional level quality improvement/disease management program according to timeline and with good quality to explore new regional disease management model .
  • Facilitate field based HEOR program of generating, translating, and communicating real world evidence to healthcare decision makers that demonstrates the value of Pfizer products, technologies, and services in support of the optimal care of patients.
  • Provide objective and scientifically sound medical information regarding Pfizer’s in-line portfolio and the diseases states they treat through use of pharmacoeconomic models, outcomes tools, educational programs, HOPEs (Health Outcomes Projects and Evaluations), Non-interventional Studies and collaborations.
  • Implement big data strategies and solution
  • Seek collaboration with the third party to do big data analysis studies to provide real world evidence to supporting Pfizer medicine and better medical care in disease management.
  • Seek collaboration with government, academia, hospitals and other organizations to establish clinical decision support system for healthcare improvement.
  • Provide critical assessment of clinical decision support system which help to improve the patient care quality, including evaluation protocol design, data analysis, report and publication.
  • Seek collaboration with third party to do hospital level or regional big data analysis about medicine management to support Pfizer product marketing access under total budget control.
  • Lead medical communication, education, or other collaborations with healthcare decision makers in the fields
  • Lead and develop regional level medical communication strategy on healthcare decision makers
  • Set up healthcare decision makers database in responsible region and submit the value dossiers to regional decsion makers.
  • Organize regional level healthcare decision makers meeting and activities to deliver scientific, clinical, health outcomes and health economic research information to support local policy shaping.
  • Establish scientific and professional credibility and relationship with payer customers and other healthcare stakeholders, communicate appropriately and compliantly via scientific exchange on the value of Pfizer products.
  • Respond to unsolicited requests from customers regarding scientific interpretation of clinical information and pharmacoeconomic impact of product selection to further advance formulary decision making or patient outcomes through appropriate pharmaceutical care
  • Provide medical insights of key evidence gaps relevant to healthcare decision makers, and identify and facilitate health outcomes educational opportunities when appropriate, and support for the development of customer plans that provide innovative and targeted solutions that advance the quality of patient care in regional markets
  • Cooperate and align with central medical team, KA, GAMA and colleagues in the region(s) to develop appropriate joint customer goals and individual strategies to meet medical needs with prioritized customers.
  • Improve internal colleague such as KA, GAMA etc. medical ability ,especially medical innovative and transformative ability through medical training ,lecture delivery and medical knowledge
  • Orgnize face to face meeting or Webex meeting to cadcade scientific, clinical, health outcomes and pharmacoeconomic research information to improve internal colleague medical ability
  • Provide customized response for common medical queries in the field for healthcare decision makers.
  • Provide medical expert opinion in safety events management to avoid negative impact
  • Provide professional medical consultation to Safety Officer to solve Pfizer products’ safety query
  • If take clinician role: provide the clinical safety oversight including performing and documenting; regular review of individual subject safety data and performing review of cumulative safety data with the safety risk lead (as delegated by the clinical lead)
  • If take clinical lead role: consistent with SRP, performs and documents regular review of individual subject safety data, and performs review of cumulative safety data with the safety risk lead. As appropriate, the clinical lead may delegate these responsibilities to the study clinician identified in the SRP. The specific components of safety data review are detailed in the Safety Data Review Guide – for Clinicians and in SAF 09 SOP. For all studies, clinical safety review should be performed in consultation with a designated medical monitor if neither clinical lead nor clinicians are medically qualified
  • Ensure company’s medical compliance
  • Implement medical programs and activities within medical compliance
  • Comunicate medical information with compliance
  • Ensure timely SOP learning, and daily practice compliant with SOPs.

Required Skill Set

  • Technical
  • Therapeutic area knowledge: familiar with the disease knowledge and healthcare decision makers practice of the therapeutic area
  • Language: Proficiency in oral and written English
  • Good understanding about pharmaceutical business
  • Computer: Good at Microsoft Office software
  • Strong business acumen
  • Cross functional leadership skill
  • Strong communication and influencing skill
  • Managerial
  • Sustain Focus on Performance
  • Create an Inclusive Environment
  • Encourage Open Discussion and Debate
  • Manage Change
  • Develop People
  • Align Across Pfizer
  • Certifications


  • Education
  • Medical or pharmaceutical Background, Master Degree or above, Ph D or MD in pharmaco-epidemiology, epidemiology, or health economics background is preferred
  • Experience
  • About 3 years clinical practice or medical affairs experience in other multinational pharmaceutical companies
  • Good medical knowledge in the defined therapeutic area
  • Good understanding about pharmaceutical business, Medical affairs experience, health economics or clinical studies experience in multinational pharmaceutical companies
  • Proficiency in English and good computer usage

Pfizer is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all applicable equal employment opportunity legislation in each jurisdiction in which it operates.


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