The 5 Most Innovative Virtual Health Companies in 2021

How much can a doctor really do over a remote consultation? Our list of top 5 virtual health companies in 2021 are on a mission to increase the capabilities of telehealth, improve patient outcomes, accessibility and convenience.

1. Kin Fertility 

A new, personalized, and convenient way for Australian women to manage their reproductive health. 

Kin have created Australia's first contraceptive subscription service that delivers the pill straight to your door.  Kin’s digital platform provides a full suite of fertility products and services for the modern woman, from pre-natal to pregnancy and postpartum. They offer live video sessions, unlimited text-based consults with Australian GPs, promise ongoing care and automatic script refills.

If you would like to join Kin’s team of medical professionals, they are currently hiring for GPs in Australia. Apply here.

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Source: Kin Fertility

2) TytoCare
An at-home medical examination device broadening the capabilities of telehealth. 

TytoCare allows doctors to do more through a remote consultation. They’ve created a handheld medical exam kit that includes an otoscope, stethoscope, basal thermometer and digital camera that transmits vital stats and high-resolution images to a physician in real-time. The device and app require no previous medical training to operate, allowing patients to perform clinic-quality medical exams from the comfort of their own home.

Source: TytoCare
3) Equip
Evidence-based eating disorder treatment delivered virtually to families.

Equip’s virtual care platform addresses critical gaps in the management of eating disorders. They’ve reimagined gold standard family based treatment (FBT) as a remotely accessible and affordable service. Treatment plans are delivered via live video sessions and secure messaging, with multiple tiers of support. Every Equip patient is assigned a 5-person care team including a medical physician, dietician, therapist, peer and family mentor.  

They are currently expanding their services in the US.

Source: Equip
4) Hinge Health
World’s first end-to-end digital musculoskeletal clinic. 

Hinge Health is on a mission to improve outcomes for musculoskeletal conditions, addressing prevention, acute injuries, chronic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation. They deliver a model of digital care that includes one-on-one sessions with physicians, physical therapists, individualized coaching/support, and utilizes wearable sensor technology for real-time feedback. 

They are currently looking for a medical director to join their team. Apply here.

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Source: Hinge Health
5) Ping An Good Doctor
China’s largest and most sophisticated mobile medical application. 

Chinese healthcare and technology company, Ping An Good Doctor (PAGD), is redefining industry standards for virtual care. Their in-house medical team comprises of approximately 10,000 doctors who provide 24/7 online consultation services under a multi-sited practice model. The PAGD platform incorporates AI, collaborates with 3,700 hospitals and over 111,000 pharmacies. As of June 2020, they have amassed 346 million users with 67.27 million active monthly users. 

Recently PAGD have launched their new Oncology Center portal to help cancer patients access top oncologists digitally and endeavour to introduce more specialised medical services.  

Ping An Good Doctor (@PAGoodDoctor) | Twitter
Source: Ping An Good Doctor

What role will doctors play? 

As healthcare becomes increasingly dependent on digital platforms and remote consultations, what role will doctors play? Explore companies hiring for doctors in digital health, telehealth, startups, consulting and more. 

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Cover image source: TytoCare

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